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we have worked systematically to make the educative process more participative and enjoyable. Home assignments are not a carry-over of class work but oriented towards honing individual talents. These include reference books for reading, sports and physical development, general knowledge, civic responsibilities, talent cultivation etc.

Tulsi Amrit School has played a pioneering role in introducing interactive, multimedia-rich edutainment and infotainment concepts. The Sansthan has implemented these concepts phase-wise in all its schools.

We believe that when education is force-fed, the student begins to dislike the process of learning, and dread examinations and homework. The conventional “teacher-to-student” or one-way method of teaching is giving way to active involvement of the students in the learning process through Sansthan workshops, where the teacher co-ordinates and facilitates the process.

Quality education for every student and well-rounded development is the sole aim of our academic approach. Our onus on learning ensures that children limit their dependence on private tuitions. We provide individual attention to encourage self-learning, while developing the mind, body and spirit.